Bache DD/DDE-470


Rhyming Deck Logs

Maritime tradition requires Deck Log's to be written in verse each New Year's Day. The entry must include all of the information normally included in the Deck Log; it just has to rhyme.

"Our shipmates are gone, having a time

and the C.D.O. says make me a rhyme."

I visited the National Archives in Virginia to peruse Bache records, I found poems in the January 1st entries for the years 1952 through 1967. There are a total of 16 poems. I have divided them into three pages.

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"The last line a poor substitute for a rhyme,

but well, I must hurry, I’m running out of time

To the BACHE and it’s crew, while my mind is still clear

The very best luck and a HAPPY NEW YEAR."

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