Bache DD/DDE-470

Monday, 1962 Jan 1

USS Bache DDE-470

Now’s the time

That the log must rhyme.

So with tradition

Here’s our rendition:

Dear old girl that you are

Sitting neath the New Year’s star

Another year is written in

Twenty since you’re fitting in.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

You now have come for aid

And number 42’s your Berth

With doubled lines you’re made.

The plant is cold.

The CAPTAIN’s away.

No one’s to port

To get in your way.

The pier’s to starboard, the DEWEY’s ahead.

Shore services you’re being fed.

Out there in the cold, Black Harbor

District craft sail with ardor,

And merchantmen and yard craft too

And naval vessels more used to the blue.

Ft. Williamson

Rear Admiral of note

is Portsmouth Senior Officer

Present afloat.

He’s in charge of those mighty men-of-war


Fair winds and a following sea

in ’62

To you

From me.

-J.P. Gower?, LTJG, USNR

-W.W. Scheid, CDR

-C.H. Lassom?, LCDR, Navigator

Tuesday, 1963 Jan 1

USS Bache DD-470

Tis New Year’s Day and here we find:

The BACHE moored securely with six doubled lines,

Held port side to at Pier Twenty Three;

A wire fore and aft defying rough sea,

At Des-Sub-Piers in Norfolk, “V.A.”.

The ship rides restless but snug in her quay;

O’HARE, STICKELL, and KEITH in the nest

The good ship BACHE is moored with the best,

Number two boiler is hot on the line;

With number two generator supplying us fine,

Ships all about us vary in draft;

From Atlantic Combatants to small district craft.

Read Adm. TAYLOR is SOPA tonight,

He’s ASWFORLANT - You’ve got that right;

Twenty one New Year’s now have gone by,

With ships of the line, BACHE still ranks high

It’s cloudy and cold at the end of the old,

And now the last thing left to be told

OOD and messenger too

Wish a happy New Year to each one of you.

-T.R. Pratt, ENS, USN

-R.D. Faubion, CDR

-C.W. Taylor, LCDR, Navigator

Wednesday, 1964 Jan 1

USS Bache DD-470

In anchorage Charlie the BACHE is at rest,

At Golfe Juan, France all lighted at best.

The starboard anchor is down and in mud does hold,

With 50 fathoms of chain on deck, so tis told.

Antibes, Fourmigue and L’llette Lights,

Compass bearings around, shows all is aright.

Number one boiler pounds steam on the line,

To number one generator, pitched to a high whine.

The seaway is open and unprotected,

On five minutes call, the starboard shaft waits if elected.

BARNEY and BACHE and GREAT SITIN lay in the bay,

While local small craft are moored to the quay.

The SIXTH FLEET is scattered along the coast,

But at Cannes, INDEPENDENCE looms up over most.


Overlooking her flight deck that stretch a mile.

Oh, eight bells for the new, and eight bells for the old.

A pensive thought of a past saga told.

Of BACHE and her men who have gone down to the deep,

Dear God, bless and hold each within thy keep.

-R.L. Shreve, LTJG, USNR

-R.R. Clement, CDR

-C.W. Taylor, LCDR, Navigator

Friday, 1965 Jan 1

USS Bache DD-470

In Norfolk we’re berthed

At Pier Twenty Three,

In a nest of destroyers

Four ships we all be.

We’re snuggly secured

To the WALLER no less,

A member of our squadron

To us the next best.

Standard lines are in use

In destroyer type style,

With wires fore and aft

We’ll hold for awhile.



Make up the nest

In our resting place.

Number four boiler is lighted

To show we’re alive,

But most of our services

From the pier we derive.

With condition YOKE

And readiness Five Set,

We’re ready for anything

You can bet.

Ships present are many

From the mighty LANT FLEET,

Small boats and small craft

Are at our feet.

The big man in charge

Of this mighty array


That’s all we can say.

For a good year we’re thankful

For much has been ours;

Good life, security and happiness;

But for the future O’God

We turn to THEE.

Our peace and prosperity

Please let it be.


-R.R. Clement, Commander

-F.R. Johns, LCDR, Navigator

Saturday 1 January , 1966

USS Bache DD-470

At Vung Xuan Dai Bay, Republic of Vietnam

USS Bache DD-470

Near a far distant land full of fighting and fear,

A lone greyhound prowls this first day of the year.

Number 1 and 2 gennies provide this ship power;

Lighting her spaces, no matter the hour.

Though all inside is brightness and light,

Out on the decks not a glimmer’s in sight.

The decks are all darkened, not a light can I see;

For if Charlie knew she were here, he surely would flee.

Material condition YOKE has been set.

Is she ready for anything? That’s a sure bet.

Of vessels present she’s likely to meet,

There’s just Vietcong junks in total retreat.

Though Bache is quite old and far far from home,

On gunfire support she’s left all alone.

On the whole Vietnam coast not another ship’s firing

But when Bache arrives VC start retiring.

Though left all alone, we raise not a fuss.

That simply means more targets for us.

We’ve fired and fired til our guns are quite worn;

Leaving many VC all shattered and torn.

Our skipper is SOPA of Vung Xuan Dai Bay.

This morning we fire: VC rue the day.

All’s quiet tonight, but in the morning,

We’ll strike once again without any warning.

Though haggard and drawn our men will still fight

When our spotter gets airborne at morning’s first light.

Each man is soon covered with hot perspiration,

From standing long hours at his GQ station.

Before we’re back home in Norfolk, Virginia

You VC will know just who’s been agin ya.

Our name is BACHE, Number 470

On who’s decks has tread so manya hero.

Anchored as before in 8 fathoms of water, sand bottom, in Vung Xuan Dai Bay, Republic of Vietnam....

Sunday, 1967 Jan 1

USS Bache DD-470

On the very first watch of this crisp New Year,

USS BACHE rests quietly at the D&S piers.

Moored outboard the EATON, number twenty-one slip.

Moored and silent, but poised in a nest of four ships.

Six standard mooring lines secured to USS EATON

Number two ships boiler on the line for cookin’ and heatin.’

Half our fine crew on holiday liberty and leave,

They’ll likely still be celebrating yesterday’s eve.

Readiness V and condition “YOKE” now firmly are set.

New Year’s weather forecast: colder and wet.

Other ships present of the US ‘Lantic Fleet,

Too numerous to mention; too proud to be beat.

COMASWFORLANT is senior officer present afloat.

VADM. Weakley is Boss, Tin Can or Pig Boat.

Returning from his rounds, the watch reports “all secure”

And properly relieved we face the New Year.

-Rayner M. Taylor, ENSIGN


1962 - 1964

"Lone Sailor" at the Naval War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

"Of Bache and her men who have gone down the the deep,

Dear God, bless and hold each within thy keep."

Four DD’s in “Zig Zag” Pattern: USS Eaton, USS Beale, USS Bache, USS Murray. Dated June 22, 1962. Photo found at the National Archives and Records Administration. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, USN No. 1097044.


Rhyming Deck Logs

USS Sacramento replenishing the USS Kitty Hawke to port and the USS Bache to starboard, while a helicopter from HC-1 lifts supplies from the helicopter port of the USS Sacramento during operations on Yankee Station during 65-66 WESTPAC Cruise. Photo dated January 16, 1966. Found at the National Archives and Records Administration. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, USN No. 1117604

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