Bache DD/DDE-470


Rhyming Deck Logs

Tuesday, 1957 Jan 1


Moored portside to the MURRAY at Newport News,

Along Pier X-ray no sound is heard, no churning screws;

From inboard out the EATON and BEALE rest,

The MURRAY, BACHE and WOOD complete the nest;

Six standard mooring lines are doubled forward and aft,

And present are merchant ships, yard and district craft;

SOPA is the Commanding Officer USS RANKIN we hear,

And this looks like the start of a “Happy New Year”.

-R.J. Englert, LTJG USN

-D.F. Harrington, Jr., CDR

-R.A. Burt, LCDR, Navigator

Wednesday, 1958 Jan 1

USS Bache DDE-470

The salty ‘ole BACHE after a long hard year is moored port side to number 21 Pier.

We’ve steamed hard and needed a rest so we are lying securely in a five ship nest.

The SIERRA and EATON are on our port side while the BEALE and MURRAY outside us ride.

Various services are being received from the pier and ComNavAirLant is SOPA here.

-T.J. Doud, ENS, USNR

-Paul J. Hidding, CDR

-E.T. Polini, LTJG, Navigator

Thursday, January 1, 1959

USS Bache DDE-470

Ships are built to ride the waves,

  but the Destroyer BACHE is out of phase.

For instead of being on the sea,

  anchored, moored, or steaming free

In Portsmouth Shipyard the BACHE does rest,

  drydock seven is her nest.

Her engines won’t run, her guns won’t shoot,

  the radar won’t work, and the whistle won’t toot.

She’s a patchwork of color: grey, yellow and red.

  the galley is out and so’s the head.

Her decks are littered with assorted gear

  and her crew is ashore drinking whiskey and beer.

She’s not he only ship torn up here.

  Carriers, Cruisers, and Cans lie at the dock and pier.

The vessels at Portsmouth that share our fate

  take their orders from SOPA, ComDesRon 28.

The end of the yard period is now in sight,

  and with the crew working day and night,

Before too long we’ll be back at sea,

  where ships and sailors ought to be.

-T.C. Perkins, LTJG, USN

-Raymond W. Allen, CDR

-C.R. Kern, LTJG, Navigator

Friday, 1960 Jan 1

USS Bache DDE-470

Of the ships in our nest, the total is five,

And hardly a man is now alive,

Who would not agree that the night is cold,

And the men on the watch, are brave and bold.

It is at Pier 20, moored we are

And from the pier, the distance is far.

For although our berth is two zero two,

Our gangway is reached by only a few.


Is the order we cross, so much in a hurry,

To arrive at last, on the BACHE, our home

vowing never again, without purpose, to roam.

Six standard mooring lines are out and doubled

And safe we feel, for no one is troubled.

The tender looms big, strong, and secure

All services from her we receive steady and sure.

Among the ships present in the harbor tonight

Are units of the Atlantic Fleet, so tough in a fight.

Yard craft and merchantmen are also here

And while VADM REES is SOPA no one need fear.

The Captain is home all snug in his bed,

The EXEC on his pillow rests his untroubled head,

Mr. MEEK is aft, warm in his rack,

While the watch is stood, with stout heart and sore back.

It is easy to see that a poet I’m not,

But before this is read and soon forgot,

I would like to extend a word of good cheer,

To all who read this - - - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

-C.J. Hair, ENS, USNR

-Raymond W. Allen, CDR

-C.A. Bailey, ENS, Navigator

Sunday 1961 Jan 1

USS Bache DDE-470

Here we are moored as before

The watch is standard and just a slight bore

Our shipmates are gone, having a time

and the C.D.O. says make me a rhyme.

So here I am doing my best

But don’t stop here go on with the rest.

Some of my men call me the boss

but to most of the people I am known as Cross.

I picture my buddies tying on a beauty,

and here we are stuck with the duty.

Right now we are resting in a nest of four

Outboard of us there is no more.


all set so snug in this quiet place.

We are bounded by six standard lines

Our duties on watch never slips from our minds.

With a wire out aft and a wire fore

From the tender we receive services galore.

Around us are ships of the Atlantic Fleet,

Merchantmen, Coast Guard all rest so neat


And now it’s goodnight and a happy New Year.

- C.J. Hair, LTJG, USNR

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H-26, Sea Knight helicopter in foreground. Starboard bow high oblique of the USS Sacramento refueling and replenishing ammunition for the USS Kitty Hawk, to port, and USS Bache, to starboard, while operating on “YANKEE STATION.” Other elements of the Seventh Fleet, including the USS Hornet, are in the background. Photograph dated January 16, 1966. Found at the National Archives and Records Administration. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, USN No. 1115543